Das Training Short for (Direct Access Scheme)

Motorcyclists wishing to one day ride a bike the offers unrestricted capability should first think about enlisting for DAS Training Short for (Direct Access Scheme). It is also important that you understand that only those 24 years old or older if you are going to access the course. Successfully completing the course will provide riders of medium and large capacity cycles to proceed without having to pass tests attributed to lower levels often waiting for approval up to two years.

Typically, DAS training requires approximately a commitment of four days, but during that time you will learn what is needed to pass the Module 1 and Module 2 practical exams. Module 1 contains the off-road elements of the test which allows the instructor to evaluate how well you follow correct riding procedures and whether you perform to a high enough standard to successfully proceed to Module 2. Module 2 provides you with the chance to become familiar with the cycle which will be used to take the road test.


Keep in mind that you must first have completed the compulsory basic training (CBT) prior to being eligible for the DAS training. The CBT course consists of five elements that must be mastered. Included in these elements are on-site riding and training and on-road riding and training.

To make it convenient for you, Full Motorcycle Training London is different from other training providers to help you access the DAS Training Short for (Direct Access Scheme) with as little effort as possible. From various centralized locations in London, you can become a student and be given the opportunity to budget for your current financial condition by paying as you go.

With your DAS training you will be able to join the growing group of bikers that are taking to the road. Many of these are 40 years old with some being 6 decades in age. It is also noteworthy to point out that a good many celebrities, such as internationally-recognized radio personalities and Olympic medal-winning athletes are now benefiting from engaging in motorcycle riding training courses.